For Like-Minded WomenPut the Pain and Discomfort in the Past

Qigong Chi Gong The Natural Menopause Solution

Are you a woman struggling with pre, menopause, postmenopausal transition, and beyond?

You are experiencing tightness, discomfort, pain, mood swings, sweating,

irritation and/or pain as your body is going through changes.

 Your Mission

– should you choose to accept it –

Is to develop a 20-minute daily customized, advanced Qi Gong practice for women

to reduce the intensity of any uncomfortable feelings,

flush out the bad energies of the body, and bring in the good

so you can feel energized, relaxed, and feel the joy of life again!

Strengthens Immunity

A valuable Qi Gong program for pre, peri, postmenopause

designed by Master Teresa Yeung in her 28th year in Chi Gong

Master Teresa’s Qi Gong beats all drugs in overall health improvement.

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Founding President, American Holistic Medical Associations

I started Master Teresa’s course for women at the beginning of 2022. About 3 weeks later my naturopath told me I  don’t need to take progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. I have stopped taking it for about 6 weeks now and have no hot flashes or symptoms. The only thing I have done differently is Master Teresa’s course. I will share with you that I was very very tired during the courses and participated only minimally and still got this great effect.I highly recommend Master Teresa and her courses.


Sept 27 - Introduction to Qi Gong for Women's Issues (Online)

Practice Qi Gong  with  Master Teresa

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What is Chi Gong: The Natural Menopause Solution™ ?

Chi Gong: The Natural Menopause Solution™ is a healing-based program for pre, during and after menopause relief. It teaches women to take control of their health through easy-to-learn breathing techniques and gentle movements which create life force, in order to ease discomfort, pain, mood swings, sweating, and irritations.

The goal is to reduce the intensity of any uncomfortable feelings that come with hormonal imbalance, flush out the bad energies of the body, and bring in a healing energy – Chi (or Qi)

Master Teresa developed this program over the last decade as a woman who has overcome her own menopausal and postmenopausal discomforts and issues through Qi Gong practice, all the while living a full and joyful life.

Join Chi Gong: The Natural Menopause Solution™. managing menopause with Qigong and start your discovery journey to healing today.

The Five Modules Self-Study Course

designed to help women’s issues

These five modules of Chi Gong The Natural Menopause Solution were created from over two decades of experience in Chi Gong, with a focus on holistic healing from the head to the toes, from the mind to the heart. Each module of Chi Gong The Natural Menopause Solution focuses on a different aspect of healing, with customized Chi Gong practice, transcripts, worksheets and action items.

Module 1 - Discover Your Healing Journey

  • Understand what the benefits of Qi Gong practice are

  • Open to the gateway of healing

  • Refresh the body and start rebuilding your immunity

  • Loosen up tightness of the body, especially in the areas of the neck and shoulder areas

  • Release stuck energy in the lungs

Module 2 - Reconnect With Your Body

  • Learn to change your mindset

  • Return to peace and set your intention

  • Balance the endocrine system and body parts

  • Energize and nurture the skin and organs

  • Gently lubricate the joints for flexibility

  • Release fatigue and improve sleep

  • Create a new circuit of healing energy all over your body

Module 3 - Tone and Re-Energize Yourself

  • Improve the energy of your digestive system

  • Strengthen the energy of the kidneys and bladder

  • Balance your yin and yang energy for hormonal balance

  • Improve metabolism to regulate body weight

Module 4 - Healing Your Heart

  • Balance hormones and emotions of the body

  • Reconnect with your soul for deep healing

  • Rejuvenate the energy of the female reproductive system.

  • Rejuvenate the energy of the breasts, uterus, ovaries, cervix and vagina

  • Improve self-awareness, self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence

Module 5 - Celebration

  • Strengthen your mind-body and spirit connection

  • Learn to shield and protect your energy  

  • Feel how you can take care of your energy

  • Feel your strength and energy

  • Feel your improvement of your health and well being

  • Feel the joy of life

If you practice our program every day for 60 days at least once a day

and do not find it helping you in any way, we will gladly refund you.

 When the students are ready,

the teacher appears.

Meet Your Instructor,

Master Teresa Yeung

is a rare female Chi Gong Master and Remote Healer who designed new programs to serve women’s bodies and mind.

Master Teresa is in her 27th year in Chi Gong. Learning from the best teacher of Chi Gong who was honoured as the treasure of China, she is compassionate to help women to be more confident, happier, healthier, and vibrant.  She is a modern Chi Gong Master, single mother, speaker, healer, three-time #1 international bestselling award-winning author with 13K+ followers on Instagram. During Covid, she has also trained over 30 remote healers to master Zoom Chi balancing sessions.

She conquered her own health problems and founded two distinguished Chi Gong schools: Pureland International School of Qi Gong and The Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong to help people to reclaim their health, while providing life balance training to instructors, practitioners and remote healers.

She is the leading successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage, who was the educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® which has helped millions of people.

She is sought after for TV segments, radios, podcasts, magazines, and has spoken at universities, colleges and hospitals with many heartfelt testimonials from students on YouTube. She has demonstrated that women can heal themselves while helping to heal others, be entrepreneurial, and live a full meaningful life.

Master Teresa is also a continuing education professional development activity (PDA) provider of the U.S.A. National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).



Message from Our Women’s Community


Master Teresa is truly one of the most remarkable Qi Gong masters. I have had the pleasure to experience. I have had remarkable sessions with her in person and most recently absolutely incredible sessions via Zoom. Each session has truly been transcendent.

Crystal Santos-Copage
Action Actress, Martial Artist, Stuntwoman, Crystal won Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film for her portrayal of Rochelle in the film Mayday at the Art 4 Peace Awards Cinematic Category in Beverly Hill, California, USA. Honored by The Martial Arts History Museum on March 7, 2018. The event was titled Crystal Santos Day.

Master Teresa is an amazing healer! For anyone who needs a heart or physical healing right now she is the com. All done remotely with or without you… On zoom, Skype, phone, or on your behalf if you can’t show up. She is extremely powerful. I work with Teresa and I’m so grateful for her gifts. Highly recommended!


Debbi Dachinger
Host of the Dare to Dream podcast and Media Visibility Strategist, California, USA.

Recently, I’ve been going through some health challenges that made me step outside of my comfort zone of arrogance.  I felt the energy in my hands as she explained how to summon it and use it. I’m not into this kind of thing. But I am into Qi Gong. I believe it’s because Master Teresa’s motives are pure. She has kernels of wisdom that spill out of her mouth, off the cuff, that will surprise you. She understands what this life is about. Her job is to help us live it the best way we can, and she knows for a fact that Qi Gong can help you.

VL Towler

Master Teresa is very unique in her teaching style and she is the real deal. Her willingness to just help another, is incredible. However, her mission is not only to help as many as she is able to on her journey, but also to provide people with the tools, so that they can help heal themselves and maintain their well-being. (Hence her simple way of explaining the Qi Gong concepts and the beginner practice). I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in person and remotely, and her pure loving energy is unmistakable.

It is such a privilege to be in a class led by a female Chi Gong Master teaching me how to care for myself as a woman. Master Teresa has created her own forms  that really speak to my needs as a woman. These routines have a flowing simplicity that feels deeply soothing as well as energizing. I am already using them daily. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn from a teacher such as Master Teresa. Being in her presence is a powerful experience that I value every time I get to be in her classes.


Joan Weir, ex N.D., FCAH

Master Teresa’s Women’s Qi Gong classes were exactly what I needed as I moved through so many challenges this past year; both physically and emotionally. It is rare and such a blessing to be mentored and lead by a female Qi Gong Master as this role was traditionally held by men alone. Having Master Teresa focus on our needs, as women, was a wonderful opportunity to learn, listen and nurture ourselves in a world where many of us are juggling multiple roles as caregivers and breadwinners. It was truly a gift to myself to be lead by Master Teresa and to be a part of this wonderful group of strong women.

Prevention was my goal. Visiting my family doctor during covid is not easy, so practicing Qi Gong specifically for women seem to me the best alternative. The breathing techniques and Qi Gong movements are gently strengthening my arms and helping with my anxieties.  Am getting a good night’s sleep, more energy and less headaches after working on the computer all day.  It was beneficial practicing in a group to feel/harness its energy, and to hear the experiences of women of different ages and cultures. Master Teresa is a charming, inspirational and great Healer!



For many years I have struggled with health issues and have literally ‘tried it all’. My Doctor recommended checking out qigong and after meeting Master Teresa, nothing compares to the passion and commitment she has for being a true healer.  Master Teresa truly cares about the health and healing of our world, and I hope you too may be able to truly experience the Miraculous Power of Qi Gong!


This simple, powerful practice has had for me life-changing results.   After the first class, I could feel improvement in my neck that lasted for days  Each week forward, brought more noticeable physical improvement combined with a growing sense of self-love and appreciation. With each continued 6-week course, I”m feeling more empowered and using the methods to enhance my mind, body, spiritual connection.  I enjoy the experience of practicing and healing with Master Teresa and the supportive environment she has created within the classes.  I’m inspired and grateful for women I’ve met in the classes as we share in each other’s healing journeys. Love and Gratitude,

Women’s oriented qi gong with Master Teresa is relaxing, healthful, and supportive. The women in the class have become a community, and the shared experience is so much a part of the class. We are growing together and getting healthier together. Master Teresa shares not only how to do qi gong, but also her deep wisdom about health and life. I have worked with Master Teresa privately too, and she is remarkable in her ability to ease pain and restore health. She was essential to my overcoming a frozen shoulder in no time at all, and she has been just as helpful with other health matters. As she heals she teaches us to be healers to ourselves. I cherish qi gong for women, and Master Teresa’s extraordinary talents.

It’s now 6am in Melbourne, Australia and I woke up about 15 minutes ago after the deepest sleep in ages and with my hives 99% vanished. All this week, I have been sleeping restlessly and waking up at 3am because of unbearable itching. I know this is only because of your magic healing touch in yesterday’s Women’s Qi Gong class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and gratitude

When I first signed up, I had been suffering with a frozen shoulder for nearly a year and was scheduled for surgery.  After a month of practicing a technique I learned in the class, my shoulder improved so much that I cancelled the surgery. I was amazed at how good I felt after each class and how much better I felt overall as I continued to practice. The diverse group of women striving to improve their health and quality of life kept me motivated. Master Teresa is an inspiration and a wonderful teacher and healer. I would recommend Women’s Issues Qi Gong to women of all ages and cultures.


When I started taking the course, I was immediately impressed by the profound depth of the healing which occurred.  I found that I was better able to connect with myself and heal problems at their sources. I learned something new each week and began looking forward to classes. Although I gain a lot from my home practice, nothing compares to the healing benefits of practicing in a group led by a Chi Gong Master – better sleep, better skin, better health, more peace and happiness.


This group is just amazing. It is like a rock to me helping me to go through difficult times.  Master Teresa’s course is a wonderful way to connect with the healing energy of the universe and focus on how special it is to be a woman. I find it to be a deep way to cultivate my own healing with the help of Master Teresa generously sending each of us energy.


12-Month Membership for Women starting 2024


 Women require a caring, loving and supporting community to heal better and faster.  

We have created a new 12 month plan for you so you will continue to move forward to the next level and keep connecting to the higher energy.

We Created This With You in Mind

We know you are a busy woman juggling multiple commitments and projects.

That’s why we offer endless video replays, so there is no need to worry if you miss a class. We don’t mind you joining late or leaving early. You also have the full home study program to enjoy learning at your own pace.

Don’t miss the opportunity to heal yourself and to be a part of an exciting community.

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